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Theme Tours

As custom designers of travel experiences, one of our specialties is creating theme-related tours, which can range from weddings to incentive tours to celebrations and entertainments of all kinds, based on our customers desires.

The following themes are complementary and can be combined. Don’t hesitate to consult with us on any theme idea you might have and that you might like to see included in your itinerary.

History buffs will delight in individualized tours where they’re accompanied by historians who can give them a deeper vision of their travel experience.  We have the capability to generate monographs on selected topics, such as the military, civilian or ecclesiastical aspects of the history of the places you visit, and these can be presented in either a tour or discussion group format.

Art, Culture and Design
Colombia is particularly rich in art, whether painting, sculpture, the decorative arts, arts & crafts, and traditional and innovative design. Our destinations are virtual treasure troves in this regard. If you’re interested in anthropology, indigenous traditions and cosmology, architecture, theater, dance or music, you will find your curiosity richly rewarded through our custom-designed tours, where we provide you with access to the best and the brightest in these fields.

Nature and Sports
The region surrounding Cartagena de Indias lends itself beautifully to the practice of a wide variety of water sports, adventure travel and contact with nature.  We can personalize your stay with us by including diving, fishing, sailing, water skiing, and bird watching, as well as the possibility of observing sea mammals and reptiles in their natural habitat, and the opportunity of hiking through tropical forests rich in flora.        

We firmly believe that delighting the palate is one of the great reasons to travel, and that through the appreciation of local gastronomic traditions one can quickly intuit the qualities of a society.

The rich, multi-hued gastronomic traditions of our region are an outcome of centuries of fusion. Based originally on the indigenous traditions of roasts and soup concoctions, local cooking underwent a major transformation when the Spaniards arrived and introduced North African spices and practices such as frying food in oil, followed by traditions, aromas, savories and mixes brought over from Africa through the slave trade.          

Our gastronomic tours are specially designed to introduce you to sense experiences which capture the essence of traditional criollo (creole) cooking in all its different dimensions, leavened with the creativity and talent of a new generation of local chefs, who draw their inspiration from a variety of international sources, and proudly present their culinary artistry in local eateries.

We are delighted to personalize your culinary experience by organizing cooking demonstrations, talks and encounters with cooks who work with traditional methods and ingredients, and can even organize interactive criollo cooking classes with these experts.

You bring the romance and we’ll design and produce the setting of your dreams, including an itinerary where activities, relaxation and romantic interludes combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Our Wedding Planning team comprise of professionals, artists, craftspeople, masters of ceremony, caterers, musicians, etc all with the experience and creativity required to produce events, from the small intimiste exchange of vows, to extravagant productions which principals and guests alike will remember for a lifetime.

Additional tour events, lodging arrangements for guests, welcoming arrangements and entertainment for all involved can also be personalized depending on the characteristics of each group.

Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways
We understand romance, and we love to create settings where romance can flower. Depending on your tastes and inclinations we can design the romantic getaway of a lifetime.

Our selection of boutique hotels in Cartagena de Indias’ Old Town, or on other of the nearby islands will give you the best in luxury and exclusivity. You bring your dreams, and we’ll provide unstinting levels of service, creativity, privacy and discretion.

Cartagena de Indias is a romantic city in and of itself, but we can add the touches and the twists that will make your getaway truly memorable.

Incentive Travel
We are experts in designing personalized travel, and we know how to create incentive travel experiences based on the specific parameters a company may establish to reward its employees.

Our team is very knowledgeable about the motives and objectives that companies pursue when they award such programs to their employees and third parties.  We’ve worked as senior sales and marketing executives in multinational companies based in various European capitals, and we fully understand the strategic value of rewarding and motivating employees, alliance partners and customers. Rest assured that we can work hand in hand with human resources and marketing departments to help companies achieving its objectives in this regard.

Many of our customers express the desire to somehow make a contribution and give something back to the communities they visit.

SINGULAR LTD fully supports all expressions of social solidarity in favor of the communities we work with and can include philanthropic activities that vary in length from one hour to several days in any one of the tours we organize.

Philanthropy presents an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange and it can be expressed in many ways.  We work closely with individuals and organizations to create direct, personalized philanthropic experiences.

Here are some examples:

  • A center for undernourished mothers, adolescents and children
  • A center which shelters, rehabilitates and educates street kids
  • A home for the aged and infirm
  • Providing assistance to disadvantaged young entrepreneurs
  • Helping ethnic minority communities become self-sufficient  and improve their quality of life