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Sustainable Tourism

Singular Luxury Travel Designers is a luxury tourism operator which invites you to discover the treasures and touristic charms of Colombia, through the creation of custom-crafted private travel experiences, uniquely tailored to your tastes and preferences. Our service is sure to make your trip to Colombia a memorable experience.

We are a company exclusively dedicated to luxury tourism, through the design of private, sustainable tourism packages. These unique experiences are designed for travelers who wish to minimize the negative environmental impacts in the cultures and communities they visit.  We strive to ensure that our company and employees, vendors, and clients are well-versed in maintaining a sustainable environmental footprint, and as a result, our products and services are designed to be consumption efficient. In addition, the publicity and promotions directed towards our clients is decidedly responsible and respectful of the environment and culture.

We take great pride in our destinations, transportation services, accommodations, food and recreation services that we offer.  Our actions are grounded in a desire to protect the following:  natural and cultural patrimony, the customs and way of life of the indigenous towns and native communities that promote the use of renewable energies, water and waste reduction systems, the use of recycled materials, the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity, the construction of sustainable building and ethical protection policies for employees’ work rights.

 We also promote the commercialization and use of products and services, souvenirs and art design objects made by the local communities in the destination which we serve.   We support fair labor conditions, as well as the generation of employment and local entrepreneurship. Our organization takes pride in hiring suppliers and employees from the national market.  We are convinced that sustainability is the key principle for ecotourism in our growing economy, which is the main attraction for our visitors.  We continuously strive to assure a solid future for our business and our sector by promoting sustainable luxury tourism.  Understanding the importance of  magical and exceptional moments with minimal environmental impact is the key. Thus, we can correct or avoid the past errors of the tourism industry.


Singular and its passengers collaborate disinterestedly with the following foundations:




  • We support Funcores Foundation, in charge of the restoration and preservation of the Colombian Cultural Heritage



Prevention and control of the illegal traffic of wild species:


- Do not buy live animals or plants during the trip, both of them will be confiscated by the immigration authorities at the ports before leaving the country, having already generated irreparable damage to the natural heritage of the country.

- Do not consume iguana eggs or turtle meat.

- Raise awareness of these issues to family and friends who are going to travel.

- Report wild animal vendors on roads, streets and establishments.

Green Line for reports to the Police!

•Cundinamarca, Bogotá: (+57 1) 435 71 27 - 444 10 30 ext. 303

•Antioquia, Medellín: (+57) 01 8000 414 123 - 262 36 87 - 385 60 00

•Cali, Valle: (+57 4) 331 01 00

•Bucaramanga: (+57 7) 633 80 56 - 652 66 68

•Atlántico, Barranquilla: (+57) 01 8000 110 102

•Caldas, Manizales: (+57) 01 8000 968 813

•San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina: (+57 4) 512 00 80 ext. 112 ó 114

•Córdoba, Montería: (+57 4) 01 8000 914 808


Ethics Code: As part of our policy we embrace the compliance of current applicable legislation regarding the nature of our business and of Colombian law in general.

  • Complying with the applicable legislation and current norms pertaining to sustainability, environmental management and cultural patrimony.

  • We declare our total rejection of the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (ESCNNA), any child labor exploitation methods and any form of discrimination.  In support of the above, we have established the following guidelines:

  •  All our activities and operations reject any type of sexual exploitation of children.

  • We reject the use of child labor.

  • We support the citizen initiation “I am the wall”, an initiative of institutional, touristic and social sectors of Cartagena de Indias to prevent and combat child sexual exploitation in the context of travel and tourism. I am the wall is inspired by in the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

  • This agency does not promote places where minors are directly or indirectly exposed to the sexual trade, or where they offer prostitution services even though minors may not be involved.

  • We will expeditiously communicate to the local police and/or competent authorities any cases of sexual exploitation of minors which are perceived or detected, and any suppliers who carry out practices related to these activities.

  • We will advertise our products without deceitful publicity and without inappropriate practices involving children or adolescents.

  • We will make the public aware that sexual exploitation of minors is a crime.

  • We condemn all forms of child sexual exploitation and we support legal actions to prevent and punish these crimes.

  • We request our clients, suppliers, employees and tourism agencies, to reject children sexual exploitation and report any cases  that they may be aware of.

  • We reject discrimination by race, gender or sexual orientation.